Gretsch Ukulele Review: G9120 Tenor

gretsch ukulele review

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Many people may recognize the Gretsch name from the famous Gretsch electric guitars. However, Gretsch has been making many different quality instruments since their founding in 1883. This Gretsch ukulele review will take an in depth look at the G9120 Tenor ukulele.

The G9120 lives up to the quality one would expect of a Gretsch instrument at a reasonable price. This is ukulele is a great model for beginners, but also high enough quality that experienced musicians will enjoy playing it.

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First Impressions​

The first thing you will notice when you look at the G9120 is that it is a high quality instrument. In fact, you may notice that the quality is more than you would expect based on the price. It is very playable and comfortable in your hands.​

The top, sides, back and neck are all made of mahogany. The extensive use of mahogany provides this ukulele with a sound that is unusually warm for an instrument in this price range. Additionally, because mahogany is lighter than some other woods used to make ukuleles, such as Koa, it is pleasantly light to hold.​

This ukulele is part of the Gretsch “Roots” collection. The laminated finish, combined with the traditional rosette gives this ukulele a pleasing classic appearance. The fretboard is made of rosewood with traditional abalone dots position markers. The head is the distinctive Gretsch head shape that has been in use since the 1920’s.​

The instrument itself is in the middle range for tenor ukuleles, and the size feels right when you play the instrument. This instrument has a very nice action – it isn’t too hard to play, but it doesn’t buzz anywhere on the fretboard. The Grover Sta-tite tuners tune smoothly and the instrument holds its tune well. As you would expect from Gretsch, the set-up is nice right out of the box, without further adjustment.​

Like all Gretsch instruments, this instrument is well made and looks like it was made to last. This instrument should hold up well and offer years of entertainment. This Ukulele offers exceptional value for a reasonable mid-range price.


While the G9120 is one of the less expensive models that Gretsch offers, it is still very wide suited for a wide range of ukulele players. Whether you are an experienced player, looking to add a warm sounding ukulele to your collect, or a new player, looking for a ukulele that plays easily, this is a good option for you.​

Note, however, that this ukulele does not have an on-board pickup for playing in large venues or recording. It will, however, work well with an external microphone. External microphones are often a preferred way to amplify ukuleles because they do not amplify handling noise, and do an excellent job of showcasing the ukulele’s real sound without distortion.​

Of course, the ukulele sounds beautiful acoustically and should be loud enough for playing for smaller groups of people. It’s certainly ideal if you would like to gather with a few friends to play some music.

gretsch g9120 review

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Aesthetically Pleasing​

Gretcsh entered the ukulele business in the 1950’s. Since then, they have perfected making ukuleles which exude traditional charm, while still being a pleasure to play.​

The concentric circle rosette and abalone position markers give this ukulele a truly classic appearance. The open-pore semi-gloss lamination perfects the look.​

This is one ukulele that is pleasing to the eye, as well as the ear.

Value for the Money​

Gretsch ukuleles are known for having a nice sound. This offering, despite it’s relatively low price point, is no different. The G9120 plays well, sounds great, and looks great. This is a great value for the price.​

In addition, this ukulele comes with a gig bag, which means that you can safely use your instrument in different places. Many similarly priced instruments do not come with a bag, so this only adds to the value by the Gretsch G9120.


  • Excellent value – Despite the fact that Gretsch sells several other models that cost significantly more, the G9120 is a nice, quality offering. It’s nice action and traditional styling are surprising at this price point.
  • Quality – This instrument has the high level of quality musicians expect from Gretsch. It is well made with long-term owners in mind.
  • Beautiful sound – The full mahogany body and neck create a very warm tone for an instrument in this price range.
  • Versatility – This instrument is ideal for experienced players, but is also great for beginners. This is not one of those beginner instruments that newbies buy, only to realize later they need a new instrument when they start to advance.
  • Aesthetics – The G9120 exudes the classic ukulele style, which is all the rage today!

After this entire Gretsch Ukulele review, do you want to hear the G9120 in action? Watch this video to basque in it’s awesomeness!


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