Islander Ukulele MT-4 GPU Review

islander ukulele

As an entry-level leading ukulele builder from Hawaii, Islander by Kanile’a receives a very high coefficient in the battle of best quality/price ratio. The mahogany wonder Islander MT-4 GPU ukulele is a brilliant instrument offered for the first time in 2016. Satin finish and a three band eq volume + digital tuners offer a very unique sign for players who expect to receive what they came for. You could easily both plug it into an amp or play on a beach with the same success.

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Top, back and sides – all made by curly mahogany which brings the specific deepness to the sound. Since it’s a tenor uke, the MT-4 GPU has a smaller body size which differs from most tenors but it still has a full 17″ tenor scale.

Fretboard and Bridge

Rosewood fingerboard provides a well known ease of play. The frets are nicely finished and the neck is comfortable to play. The action is quite good: while you are strumming chords you can do melodies with easy moves of your fingers. The bridge is also made by rosewood and it definitely rocks with the sustain of the tone.

chords for the ukulele


Closed geared chrome tuners. Super fixing machines, they hold the tuning stable and reliable. You will be surprised how long your ukulele will stay in tune.


Quarter inch plugin – that’s the pickup. Packed with an onboard control with volume and 3-band EQ. Together with the digital tuner, it forms an all-in-one and ready-for-stage tool. The sound coming from the pickups is surprisingly good. What stands out from the rest is the power and the feedback resistance.


Aquila strings on the ukulele gives a punchy sound, not very sustained. They are an usual company of the new ukuleles for sale. Not bad as a sound, but they could be always replaced with something else, like Southcoast, for example.


The laminated mahogany body looks great with satin finish. It gives the warmth to the sound and to the look too. Bright and shiny, it is a perfect companion for a stylish musician with the white binding front & back, plus the tortoise rosette.

These elements provide the exceptional aesthetics and elegance of the ukulele.​

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Pros and Cons

Even though being powered by great electronics and having a cool and warm sound, this uke has some notes to mention and consider.


  • Great mahogany materials
  • Electronics: tuner and EQ
  • Tuners work great
  • Long lasting instrument
  • Great for both beginner and professional
  • Nice, warm color and deep sounds
  • Reliable brand


  • Lack of middle frequencies when played acoustic
  • No gigbag included
  • Laminate body – a small compromise, but still gives you a good result
  • Strings may need to be changed for better sustain

Bottom line

As a conclusion we could say that spending money on this ukulele is totally worth it. As far as you can do live performances, this thing is a reliable, nice sounding machine. In fact, it could be categorized as an all-in-one instrument. It will serve you for a long time.

You can always grab a microphone for singing, plug the MT-4 into amplifiers and rock on! The Islander MT-4 GPU is meant to be a main instrument. It will resonate with voices and instrumentals in the mix at the same time. Having a great look, you could even use it as a stylish accessory when you just need to pose. Invented by a Hawaiian company, this uke holds the energy of its roots. The deep sound will make you feel great while you are playing. And the pickup and electronics will make you feel powerful. A good toy to start with, but still a good tool to use it professionally. Just try it and you will be amazed.


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