Ukuleles and Gear

Spruce up your ukulele with special ukulele gear! See where your ukulele stands in comparison to others and get to know about its hidden features. Our comparisons and reviews about different ukuleles and their particular gears makes sure that you get the best ukulele brand and all its supporting equipment. So, let’s get started!

Ukulele gears are specifically built to enhance the sound that each type of ukulele is capable of producing. However, sometimes the gears can vary depending on the kind of ukulele you are using. As we know, ukes come in different variations of a small size and each variation has different scales. So, if you are looking to buy strings for your uke you need to be thorough with the size and scale of your instrument. Similarly, with other ukulele gears, when you decide to buy any you need to know exactly how it will support your merry little instrument. Which is why are here to familiarize you with all the different gears that are available.

As we have already mentioned before, ukes come in different sizes and depending on the size it is advisable to buy strings. So what are the kinds of strings that you get for ukuleles? The answer to this question would be two. Ukulele strings come in two types, that is of steel and nylon, and these types are suitable for different types of music. So if you prefer classical music, buying nylon strings will prove to be fruitful. In case of modern genres like rock or pop, steel strings will come in handy.

Another ukulele gear is the ukulele pick-up, which is used in acoustic or electric-acoustic ukuleles. A pick up is an electronic unit which as literally as its name suggests, picks up the sound made by the ukulele and carries it to the amplifier to boost its quality. For a newbie ukulele player, choosing a pick up can be a confusing and tedious process, but if you can spare a minute just to glance through our pick up article, you will be on your way to make the best pick up ever!

Next is capos! While playing an ukulele have you ever wished for an extra finger? Well, a capo answers your wish! A capo essentially adds an extra finger to the fret board allowing you to manage your chords in a better way! Capos can raise the pitch of your songs to insane levels giving your performance the X- factor it deserves!​

At Coustii, you will find these gears and many more that will give your ukulele all the edge allowing you to be the boss player you were meant to be! Our articles contain detailed explanations on different kinds of ukuleles, the best ukulele brand, and the gears that best suit them. Our resources are always here so you can make the most out of your instrument. Read on!​

Ukulele Gear
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Ukulele Comparisons
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