Top 5 Most Comfortable Guitar Straps

Any guitarist knows that a guitar strap is an essential when it comes to most venues other than your back patio or your favorite chair at home. For us, there are two most important factors when buying a guitar strap: comfort and style. Cost is another item to consider, of course, so we’ve looked at the top 5 most comfortable guitar straps on the market!

Save yourself the research and check out this product table:

Most Comfortable Guitar Straps


Protec Guitar Strap  Editor’s Choice 


Planet Waves Beatles Guitar Strap


Ernie Ball Polypro Guitar Strap


Fender 2 Vintage Tweed Strap


Mugig Vintage PU Leather Guitar Strap


1. Protec Guitar Strap

protec guitar strap Check Price

The Protec Guitar Strap is a simple comfortable guitar strap with leather ends that will meet all your needs. This strap is a 2-inch wide nylon strap which adjusts from 32 to 54 inches to suit the height of almost any guitarist and comes in various colors including black, blue, tan, strawberry and grape.

Protec’s leather ends ensure the protection of your guitar as well as the simple design that avoids the use of any abrasive hardware. The strap was well made and designed, and even features a pocket for your favorite guitar pick, so that you won’t lose it! It weighs only 3.6 ounces and is well-loved by customers with over 1,000 reviews at!

The strap stays in place while playing, which is a concern for almost every guitarist. Feel confident and comfy with the Protec Strap.


  • Simple and comfortable
  • Leather strap ends
  • Pick pocket
  • Highly affordable
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Adjustable


  • Pick may fall from pick pocket

If you’re more interested in style than cost, you’ll love the Planet Waves Beatles Guitar Strap!

2.​ Planet Waves Beatles Guitar Strap

 Check Price

Planet Waves’ Beatles Guitar Strap is a fun and funky guitar strap that we think you’ll love! If you love the Beatles, then this might be the guitar strap for you, as it features an impeccable revolver image on high-quality vinyl, with alternative designs available.

Whether you are looking to buy this guitar strap for yourself or for someone else, Planet Waves’ Beatles Guitar Strap is a great find and comes in many different styles! It’s even vegan-friendly! It is important to know, however, that due to the lack of natural hides used in this product, the plastic material may interact with the lacquer finish on some guitars. If you are most concerned about style, definitely don’t miss this guitar strap, for a reasonable price.


  • Unique retro design
  • It features the Beatles, enough said
  • High-quality vinyl
  • Vegan-friendly product


  • strap may interact with lacquer on some guitars
  • For the Beatles you have to pay a bit more

3. Ernie Ball Polypro Guitar Strap

ernie ball polypro Check Price

The Ernie Ball Polypro Guitar Strap is a fantastic, comfortable guitar strap that comes in 11 colors so that you can choose exactly what you want! Color options include red, navy, forest green, black, white, gray, brown, purple, rainbow, burgundy, and olive! The Ernie Ball Guitar Strap is made from high-quality materials so that the colors will not bleed and the materials will not stretch. It is a 2-inch wide strap that features a polypropylene webbing with real leather ends so that you can play comfortably in any location.

Adjustable from 41 to 72 inches, the Ernie Ball strap should fit almost anyone, as it is made to fit any adult, even if you are taller than 6 feet. Satisfied customers report that the strap does not slide on your shirt when playing and sits well on your shoulders. If you have a very heavy guitar you may want a different strap simply because it is only two inches wide. You simply can’t beat the price, color options, and comfort that this guitar strap provides!


  • Wide selection of colors, that don’t bleed
  • Leather ends
  • Very affordable
  • Super comfortable
  • Strap won’t slide


  • Does not come with strings to tie to the guitar
  • Not ideal for heavy guitars

Love the Fender brand? Consider the Fender 2 Vintage Tweed Strap!

4. Fender 2 Vintage Tweed Strap

fender 2 vintage tweed strap Check Price

From the well-known brand, Fender comes the Fender 2 Vintage Tweed Strap! This strap adjusts from 44 to 49.5 inches making it ideal for the average guitar player, but perhaps not for someone over 6 feet tall. It is made from classic tweed materials and includes an embossed golf “F” logo on the leather ends to represent the Fender brand.

In addition to the use of classic tweed material, this strap has a fun vintage-style that you are sure to love, if you are looking for a simple retro look. The holes in the leather guitar strap ends could be a little larger, so if you have a large guitar, you may need to extend the slits. This strap is better for smaller guitars and shorter people too! It also very lightweight (0.8 ounces) and comfortable, however, some customers report that the webbing could be thicker. The bottom line is that this is a great simple, inexpensive guitar strap, with a vintage look from the name-brand Fender.


  • Comes from name-brand Fender
  • All-tweed
  • Leather ends
  • Vintage style
  • Features Fender logo in gold


  • May need to make larger holes in the leather ends
  • Webbing could be thicker

If you are looking for a serious leather strap, check out the Vintage PU leather guitar strap!

5. Mugig Vintage PU Leather Guitar Strap​

most comfortable guitar strap Check Price

Last but not least, the Mugig Vintage PU Leather Guitar Strap. It is an excellent choice for a comfortable stylish guitar strap. This strap features a simple vintage design and is perfect for use with both acoustic and electric guitars as well as bass. The 2-inch wide Mugig strap is extendable from 37.4 to 61.8 inches so that it can be used with a wide variety of guitars.

It features a classic design in addition to providing you comfort while you play. The Mugig Vintage PU strap can be attached directly to the guitar or with a string and comes with an extra string. It also includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back – no questions asked! Customers report that the strap ends have stitched-around button holes that make it easy to safely secure your guitar. Furthermore, this strap truly embodies a 60s – 70’s look and includes even a pick holder, however some customers report that the strap is stiff until you break it in. For the very reasonable price, we think the Mugig strap is an excellent choice for the combination of comfort, style, and price!


  • Great length! From 37.4 to 61.8 inches
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Vintage 60s-70s look
  • Pick pocket
  • Super comfortable


  • Stiff before use


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