A Mahogany Ukulele: Kala KA-15S

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Kala Brand makes a number of high-quality ukuleles, including a noteworthy soprano. The Kala KA-15S the cream of the crop for mahogany ukuleles. This package includes a Gig Bag, Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD, Clip-On Tuner, and Polishing Cloth. This mahogany uke will stick by your side during your long jam sessions, ukulele lessons, and even performances!

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What about the Features?


The soprano comes with Aquila strings, giving it a punchy soprano like sound. Aquila strings are designed for sopranos, and it gives the ukulele beautiful, distinct and tonal sound. The high quality string works well whether you prefer to strum, or fingerpick. The sound quality is one of the features that really make the ukulele stand out from the rest.


The build of the soprano is lament mahogany on the back as well as the top, giving it a wood like texture. The size is also favorable, as it is easy to hold and handle. It also is short, and puts less tension on the strings, making it easier on the fingers. The shape of the ukulele also assists in projecting the instruments sound.

Fretboard and Bridge

The rosewood fretboard and bridge on the Kala KA-15S are another outstanding feature on the ukulele. They give the ukulele a great look, and really improve the structure and sound. It also gives a great feel when played, and is easier on the strings.

Chrome Geared Tuners

An additional feature include is the Chrome Geared Tuners. Chrome Geared Tuners allow the ukulele to be tuned. Chrome Geared Tuners also hold the tune and give a better and more consistent sound. Using the Chrome Geared Tuners, the ukulele can be adjusted to sound its best, and stay its best.

kala ka 15s review

Gig Bag

A Gig Bag also comes with the ukulele, making it easy to transport. The bag is opened and closed with a zipper, allowing for easy opening and closing. It was designed for this specific uke, so the ukulele fits in the bag perfectly.

Clip-On Tuner

Another included item is the tuner. The tuner makes tuning the ukulele much easier. Using the tuner can help get the ukulele to the perfect sound. The tuner also clips on to the ukulele, making it convenient and easy to tune.

Instructional DVD

Also included is an Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD. The DVD teaches musicians how to play. Even if you’re a beginner, you can still get this ukulele as the instructional DVD will explain the basics to you Needless to mention, this is an added advantage that is rarely found with such an exquisite piece of musical instrument.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Kala KA 15-S?​

The ukulele has made quite a splash in the musical world, but there are a few cons. Let’s measure out the pros and cons.


  • Great strings
  • Strong materials for the bridge and fretboard
  • Quality tuners keep your uke tuned
  • Included gig bag insures against bumps and bruises in transport
  • Good ukulele to upgrade from your cheap, first ukulele
  • Free DVD! Who doesn’t love free things?


  • Tuner is a little fragile
  • If you really want to protect your investment, you may want to upgrade the gig bag
  • Laminate body doesn’t give the best sound, but gives you the right price

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Frequently Asked Questions

kala 15s

Q – I’m a beginner, is this ukulele the right one for me?

A- Absolutely, it’s actually recommended for beginners. The ukulele features a rosewood fretboard and bridge making it easier to play. It’s short neck leaves less tension on the strings, having a similar effect. The ukulele’s sound is simple, and it doesn’t take an expert to make it sound good. The ukulele’s playability and crisp distinct sound makes it great for beginners and masters alike.

Q -Can you put a strap on it?

A -Yes, it doesn’t come with a strap, but you can put one on it

Q -I got the ukulele today, but the tuner is set on “U” – any advice?

A – Make sure the tuner is set on “C” – otherwise it will be off.

The Kala KA-15S mahogany ukulele really does leave an impression. Enjoy long strum sessions in your basement, or sitting in your favorite spot and jamming the night away! Overall, it is a great ukulele whether you’re a beginner or master!

Check out this guide from The Ukulele Man, if you’re considering buying an instrument!​

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