Acoustic vs. Electric Guitar

Are you a beginner guitar player looking to make a decision on whether to purchase an acoustic vs. electric guitar? We can help. The purchasing of a guitar is the most important step to start with.

Please read the suggestions and tips below to better help you understand which choice is best for you. With the right guitar and enough dedication, you will be performing in no time.

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What type of music interests you the most?

The type of music you are interested in playing has a significant influence on the type of guitar is most appropriate for you. Keep this in mind when making your final decision. One type of guitar isn’t suited for all types of music genres, so it is important to understand what you like beforehand.

Keep in mind that the key to learning any instrument is plenty of practice and determination. If you are uninterested in the type of music you are seeking to learn, then it will not be long before you become bored and give up. Remember your personal tastes so that you can learn what you love!

The Acoustic Guitar​

acoustic guitar

Acoustic guitars are characterized by their steel strings which are able to create sound by broadcasting the vibration created by the strings into the air. The music genre which the acoustic guitar is most suitable for is country and rock music. It has a long history dating back to the medieval times.

The tone produced is louder, deeper and more boisterous than some types of guitars, such as the classical guitar, but is not as in your face as the electric guitar. It achieves a powerful, lively tone without appearing showy.

Many prefer the acoustic guitar, especially as a first guitar, due to its portability and mobility. Unlike an electric guitar, plugging it into an amplifier is not necessary. It is actually quite versatile in the fact that you can plug up an acoustic guitar but you certainly do not have to.​

​The ease of playing this guitar is often cited as an advantage of picking this one as a first guitar. This is due to its smaller neck and size as a whole. On the other hand, one of the more common complaints is the coarseness of the steel on fingers and the scars that are caused by playing this guitar.

The Electric Guitar​

electric guitar options

Like the acoustic guitar, the electric guitar’s strings are most commonly made of steel. However, the structure, body, and method of producing sound with an electric guitar are much different. The sound created is much louder and much more demanding of attention than an acoustic guitar.

The creation of electric waves makes it easy to manipulate and modify the sound. This ability makes this choice in a guitar ideal for someone looking to easily produce different sounds and perhaps looking to show off their musical creativity. It allows a musician to be expressive and innovative.

The electric guitar is played mostly in rock, jazz, and heavy metal. The use of the electric guitar has been credited as contributing greatly to the development of many different music genres including the ones listed above. Its diversity makes it very conducive to producing new and different styles as this is an important feature of it.

This loud sound is related to how an electric guitar works. Very simply explained, the electric guitar makes sound by taking the vibration of the strings and turning it into electrical signals. Since the sound produced is not strong enough, an amplifier is used before sending the sound to the loudspeaker.

Wrapping Up​

Remember that one of the essential decisions in learning to play the guitar is what instrument you choose to purchase. It is important to pick a guitar that will keep you interested in learning and will be appropriate for the type of music you strive to play.

Do not rush this decision when considering an acoustic vs electric guitar. Ultimately buying a guitar is an investment which shows commitment to learning the chosen instrument. The opportunity to purchase and learn a new instrument is not one that should be made impulsively. Taking your time is wise and necessary for a positive outcome.


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