Guitars and Gear

Whether you’re a beginner guitarist and looking for the best guitar to learn on, or an experienced guitarist, the options can be overwhelming. Finding the best guitar can be a little nerve-racking. When you go to the music store, you will see lots of guitars; different sizes, different types and different styles and since it is your first time to buy, you may get lost on what you should do and what you should pick.

To help you with the trouble of choosing which one is the best for you based on your style, level, and personal choice, below are some tips that might help you narrow down your choices:

1. Decide on the type of guitar.

This is the first thing you should have in your mind before going to the music store. Make a decision on the type of guitar you would like to learn and master. You can choose from classical guitar, flamenco guitar, acoustic guitar, base and electric guitar. This will shorten your decision time when you are already in the music store.

Most people prefer to learn and buy an acoustic guitar simply, because it is suited to a variety of music styles and allows you to learn the basics first. But, the electric guitar is great for beginners too, especially if your heart is set on being a rock star.

2. Test the sound.

It is very important to test the quality of guitar by checking its sounds. Do this by plucking the strings. A good quality guitar has a clear and crisp sound otherwise; you are holding the wrong one.​

Different tonewoods will give you different levels of resonance, warmth, volume. Do a little research with our Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide. It’ll help you find the style, shape, and sound you need to match your musical gifts!

3. What about the gear you’ll need?

Before you take your guitar home and prepare to be the next Jimi Hendrix, you’ll need a few things first. This is where the guitar gear comes in. You want the best strings for your musical style, a sturdy case to protect your investment, and if you’re purchasing an electric guitar, you’ll want to look into the guitar accessories that your guitar requires.

We’ve broken our guitars and gear into three separate categories​: 

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