Whether your new to the ukulele, or a seasoned expert, we've got the tales, tips, and tunes to guide you through your playing. We've got everything from the best in class ukuleles, guides to make you the best ukulele player possible, chords for the ukulele, and the songs to blow your friends out of the water. 

When you're a beginning uke-ster, one of the most important tasks is to find the best ukulele for you. Notice how I say - for you. That's because no ukulele is perfect for everyone. Each musician has their own size, taste, and style, which makes them the unqiue uke-ster they are.

 When you're new the ukulele you want a quality instrument that sounds great. If you skimp on your first purchase, you may find yourself slowly losing motivation, because of the poor sound quality. That's why Coustii is here, we've got a number of ukulele reviews for every type.​

A ukulele for an intermediate or advanced player will greatly differ from a beginning ukulele. As a uke-ster that knows what they want, you'll be looking for the perfect tonewoods, hardware, and accesories to accompany your playing. 

If you're just starting out, set your sights on our How to Play the Ukulele category. Here we've got everything from strumming to chords for the ukulele. Plus videos in every guide let you not just read about it, but watch and learn! These guides are your building blocks of uke success. With these basics you can learn how to play the most efficient way.

Last but not least, we have a number of ukulele songs to help you learn and master. Learn these songs, put them in your back pocket. The next time you're at a party, singing songs around the campfire, or maybe trying to impress your friends, you've got a song or two to play!

Once you start learning the ukulele, you're life will be changed for the better! You can bank upon the Coustii experts to keep your fingers dancing around the fretboard. Choose one of the categories below to get started.