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kala concert ukulele

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As far as ukuleles go, the Kala Concert Ukulele (KA-C) is not only an excellent introductory instrument for newbies, but also as a solid go-to ukulele for professionals and more experienced players.

The body of this uke is made entirely from mahogany, so will last for many years to come. The standard concert size makes it a great all-rounder ukulele, and the sound it produces cannot be faulted, except for perhaps needing to be a little louder.

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First Impressions​

On first inspection, it is easy to tell the KA-C is a very durable instrument indeed. The beautiful, full body mahogany construction not only looks the part, but it is obvious this uke could go with you anywhere without having to worry too much about getting it damaged, and the traditional white binding finishes off the instrument rather nicely.

It doesn’t appear as though Kala have made any changes to this model, as it remains a standard concert sized, no frills piece of kit. Fresh out of the box, the KA-C is strung with standard clear nylon strings.

However, should you fancy a change, it is very easy to change the strings to suit your requirements – for example, you could change the low G to a steel string in order to help get a rich, bluesy sound.

When playing the KA-C for the first time, it is easy to tell Kala have created a great value for money instrument. Despite being a lower-end model, this uke plays fantastically well.

Although being a little on the bigger side, its ease of play is second to none. Having bigger fingers would help due to its size, but this hardly hinders play at all.

Kala KA-C

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As the KA-C comes in standard tenor, baritone and soprano sizes, it is suitable all types of ukulele player, from beginner to seasoned pro. What makes the KA-C stand out from other models is that Kala have provided an instrument that caters to all budgets, without skimping on quality. Almost anyone could pick this ukulele up and make it sound great, as the sound it produces is absolutely beautiful.

Whether someone is just thinking about learning to play the ukulele, or a professional wanting to perform on stage, the KA-C is without a doubt a versatile piece of kit that would suit everyone.

Value for the Money​

It cannot be overstated what a great value the KA-C is; Kala has undoubtedly produced a fantastic all-rounder ukulele for the price they’re asking for it. For around only $100, the tone, durability and overall quality of this instrument are comparable to ukuleles usually found at the higher end of the scale.

Not only does the KA-C play exceptionally well in terms of tone and ease of use, but the mahogany construction means this instrument could withstand almost anything thrown at it, within reason.

Its size and quality makes it ideal for taking with you everywhere, without having to worry too much about it getting damaged. Need to throw it in the back of your car in a rush to your performance? No problem. The KA-C’s quality build can take a beating, and then some.


  • Great value – for an instrument in Kala’s KA range, the KA-C is an exceptional value for the money.
  • Quality – it’s clearly a quality instrument that will last for years to come – possibly even a lifetime – if provided with the proper care.
  • Fantastic sound – The KA-C sounds absolutely beautiful right out of the box, and due to its quality construction, will likely continue to sound great throughout its lifetime.
  • Versatility – such an easy instrument to pick up and use, suitable for players of all ages and experience.


  • Sound – despite being a great sounding ukulele, the sound it produces could be a little louder.

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Still not sold? Watch Ukulele Hub’s YouTube video review of the Kala KA-C ukulele. You can hear the rich sounds of the concert uke for yourself!

For an instrument found in a manufacturers’ lower model range; usually associated with poor quality and sound, the Kala KA-C concert ukulele blows away any preconceptions of its comparatively low price.

Available for around $100, Kala is providing an instrument that can be appreciated by all types of ukulele player. Not only does play exceedingly well, but sounds absolutely fantastic.

​At a price affordable to anyone interested in the instrument, the KA-C is a well-rounded, versatile, sturdy piece of kit, and provides remarkable value for money.

Whether being purchased as an introductory instrument to the beginner player, or as an addition to a veteran of the ukulele world, the Kala KA-C would make a fantastic addition to anybody’s ukulele arsenal. Well done Kala, keep up the good work.

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