Ukulele Songs

You have bought your perfect uke and now you can't wait to get your hands on it to start learning some real songs! As is common with beginners, the excitement of learning a new song on your brand new instrument knows no bounds. And let us tell you, that there is no reason for you to contain that excitement, because we here at Coustii, have compiled for you a list of upbeat and amazing songs that are just right for beginners to start with. Get your ukulele out because we have some tabs for ukulele, just for you!

Just like it is with any instrument or art, the initial learning is the most crucial period. Depending on how strong your basics are, you will be able to pick up more complicated songs faster and in an easier manner. As such, brushing up on your basics every now and then would do you some good too.

The basic learning skills of an ukulele cover a great deal like the position of your fingers, the role and characteristic of each and every string in your uke, and a myriad of other factors, all of which if you know thoroughly can make you a great ukulele player.

Once you have your basics in place, it is time to start learning songs that are easy on the go, but at the same gives you a push of practice. Songs from bands like Mumford and Sons to originals by Bob Dylan, we have it all. Our passion for teaching new and old songs to all players whether they are beginner or advanced has enabled us to simplify teaching methods as much as possible.

By learning these tabs for ukulele, such as Wagon Wheel and I Will Wait summarized in to few simple chords, you will gain the confidence to become a great ukulele player. This in turn will help you to learn more complicated songs faster. Whenever the mood strikes, and for a new enthusiastic player it will strike many times you can start your learning process with our easy to read tabs for ukulele and become a master player in no time!

Simple, easy chords to some of the coolest songs and some crazy learning tips are waiting here just for you!