The Best Fingerstyle Guitar of 2018

If you love playing guitar, it may be time to take your guitar playing passion to the next level with the best fingerstyle guitar of 2017! What we mean by fingerstyle is fingerpicking. Amateur to famous musicians alike love to try fingerpicking, which enhances their music and adds new melodies to their songs. The typical beginner guitarist may enjoy simply learning a few chords, but if you’re looking for the next challenge, we suggest fingerpicking. Fingerpicking involves using your fingers, fingernails, or a pick attached to your fingers.

Fingerpicking commonly adds chords to the piece or you can play each note in a chord separately, which allows you to give your music a unique sound and style. Remember “Hotel California,” by the Eagles or “Californication,” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers? Hint: The only theme here is not California! It’s fingerpicking! Want to learn these top guitar hits and others like a pro? You’ll need a top-notch guitar that’s made for fingerstyle.

What You Should Know Before Choosing a Fingerstyle Guitar:

Although you can buy almost any guitar and try fingerpicking on it, some guitars are a better choice than others. Some musicians, for example, prefer to avoid a Dreadnought guitar for fingerstyling because they can be large in size. So, if you’re a small framed musician, you may want to consider another option besides the Dreadnought. Many guitarists will select guitar as long as it has nylon strings for fingerpicking because the strings are soft and comfortable to play. Other musicians still, prefer to buy a fingerstyle guitar based on the brand name. For example, some guitarists prefer one of top brand names in guitars, Martin, for fingerstyle guitars since their strings are spaced a little bit further apart than on most guitars. Martin guitars will leave you a lot of room to get your notes correct if you’re new to fingerpicking!

Here is a quick guide, if you don't have time to read!​

What Kind of Guitar Do I Need for Fingerstyle?

In the end, fingerpicking can be accomplished on any guitar, however, fingerpicking is easier to accomplish on any acoustic or an acoustic-electric guitar, than on an electric guitar. You may find it a little difficult to fingerstyle on an electric guitar due to the narrow frets and steel strings. Fingerpicking is more popular and, in our opinion, sounds smooth on a classical nylon stringed guitar. Check out our top picks in this article for fingerstyle guitars from top brands such as Yamaha, Taylor, Fender, Martin, and Takamine. Also, don’t forget to review our pros and cons list for each one to find the guitar that best suits your needs!

Introducing Fender’s Beginner Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar, the ideal acoustic guitar for amateur and or guitar players on a budget!

Fender’s Beginner Dreadnought CD-60 Acoustic Guitar is a favorite among its customers, not just for its appearance and price, but also its sound quality. Although it may seem difficult when trying to make a decision on guitar purchase, Fender’s Dreadnought is impressive competition for its many competitors. This 6 steel-string, right-handed guitar features a laminated mahogany top, mahogany back and sides, as well as a rosewood bridge with a compensated saddle. Customers rave about its appearance, which also includes a 20-fret rosewood fretboard, a built-in tuner, and a well-designed cutaway that allows for hours of comfortable guitar playing.

The Dreadnought CD-60 is a 7.5 x 47 x 19.5-inch guitar, weighing 17 pounds, and achieves 4.5 out of 5 stars on Additionally, if you order this guitar from Amazon, you will also receive a hard guitar case with a soft interior, and inside compartment with your purchase. This guitar also features an option to connect it to an amp, because it is an electric-acoustic guitar. For the price of this guitar, approximately $230, you simply cannot beat the quality of the guitar. Conversely, if you are searching for a higher-quality, more expensive guitar, you may be interested in a Martin or Yamaha guitar. Regardless, if you are looking for a beginner or second guitar, that’s great for fingerpicking, you cannot go wrong with Fender’s Dreadnought guitar, which we think you’ll love at this price point, which comes in four colors.


  • Sleek look and style
  • Highly affordable, less than $300
  • Mahogany body, back, fretboard
  • Built-in tuner
  • Amp connection ability
  • Comfortable cutout for playing
  • Comes in four colors: black, mahogany, sunburst, natural


  • Strings may need to be changes over time
  • Made in China
  • Laminated top

The Takamine GD20-NS Dreadnought Acoustic is a well-made guitar with a lightweight feel, elegant finish, and is an excellent alternative to Fender’s Dreadnought CD-60.

2. Takamine GD20-NS

fingerstyle guitar

The Takamine GD20-NS Dreadnought Guitar is a stunning, highly affordable, acoustic guitar, in competition with Fender’s Dreadnought CD-60. With its bone nut and bridge saddle, natural stain finish, and mahogany neck, back, and sides, the GD20-NS is a top of the line fingerstyle guitar with a superior sound. This five-star guitar is composed of solid wood, has a solid cedar top, and a 12-inch radius rosewood fretboard that is easy to use and play chords on. Customers enjoy the 6-string, right-handed, Takamine GD20-NS for its comfortability and lightweight feel, as it weighs only 7 pounds, and measures 6 x 44 x 20in. At approximately $230, the Takamine is a stellar guitar for the price, the style, and quality wood used in this guitar.

If you enjoy guitars that produce a quality, warm sound, then the Takamine GD20-NS might be the guitar for you. One con for this guitar is that the neck is a little thinner than standard, however, if this is your first guitar, or you can adjust easily to playing on different guitars, you will not have any problems with this Takamine. All Takamine guitars are designed in Japan, and this model is produced in China. Customers report satisfaction with the guitar’s binding, its clear sharp sound, and satin binding. One extra non-standard feature of this Takamine guitar is that it features a pin-less rosewood bridge which ensures the quality sounds of single notes and chords alike. Whether this is your first, second, or even third guitar, the Takamine GD20-NS simply does not disappoint its customers for its excellent quality and price.


  • Terrific, rich, warm sound
  • Highly affordable, less than $300
  • Satin smooth finish
  • Lightweight guitar
  • Pin-less rosewood bridge


  • The neck is thinner than standard
  • Made in China

The Yamaha L Series LL6 is a highly-playable, elegant, solid rosewood guitar, that has a crisp sound, and can be used for on-stage performances, at home, or in your garage band!

3. Yamaha L Series LL6

guitar for fingerpicking

From one of the top names in guitar, Yamaha, comes the Yamaha L Series LL6 for $499. The Yamaha L Series LL6 is a classic guitar with solid rosewood back and sides and features a 5-ply neck for high comfortability and durability. It is similar to the Takamine, in that it is a lightweight acoustic guitar weighing only 7.3 pounds. The L Series LL6 comes in four, unique colors including natural, black, brown sunburst, and dark tinted. In addition to its solid rosewood design, it also has a premium abalone inlay that customers love and appreciate. Customers have reported that is a stunning guitar in comparison to other brands, considering that it has a crisp sound, a solid rosewood top, and is perfect for fingerpicking.

It is an easy to play guitar, is incredibly responsive, and is quite elegant as well. Whether you are interested in this guitar for personal or professional use, the Yamaha L Series LL6 is a well-constructed guitar with a classic shape as well as SRT Zero Impact Pickup, which allows you to play this guitar as an acoustic or connected to an amp. Guitarists simply don’t have anything negative to say about this guitar!


  • Elegant guitar with solid rosewood top
  • Well-constructed guitar
  • Highly playable
  • Multiple color options: natural, black, brown sunburst, dark tinted
  • Crisp sounds
  • Amp connection option
  • Features 5-ply neck
  • Mother-of-pearl inlays
  • Great for stage performance
  • Comes with hard case


  • Shipped only within theUS
  • Made in China

Top-of-the-Line Guitar: Taylor BBT Big Baby Acoustic Guitar is a stunning Dreadnought guitar, ideal for fingerpicking and folk songs, with high-quality crisp sound.

guitar fingerpicking

The Taylor BBT Big Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar is a well-designed, 15/16 size Dreadnought guitar with a solid Sitka spruce body and Sapele back and sides. This 6-stringed, right-handed guitar is an excellent choice for any level guitar player and costs approximately $400, making it a mid-range guitar for price. It has a sleek design, comes in a natural color, weighs only 11.2 pounds, and measures approximately 43.5 x 16.2 x 7.2 inches.

Customers rant and rave about this guitar’s warm, full-bodied, crisp sound with a superb range of frequencies. The Taylor BBT Big Baby, if ordered on Amazon, comes with a lightweight gig bag which makes it easy for transport. If you love Taylor guitars, you may enjoy the Big Baby. For the price, the Big Bay Taylor is a favorite among customers also for its sleek appearance, fine woodgrain, and great echoing system. You can enjoy finger picking and pick style with this acoustic guitar and is ideal for folk playing too. It should also be known that the BBT guitar is not quite a full-size guitar and is approximately 7/8 of a full-size guitar. The bottom line on the BBT is that it is an easy to play, high quality guitar with low action from the well-known brand Taylor, with a price tag that you can’t beat.


  • Crisp sound
  • Taylor brand name
  • Ideal for finger picking and folk playing
  • Low action
  • Easy to play
  • Solid Sitka Spruce body
  • Sleek appearance
  • Features fine woodgrain


  • Shipped only within the US
  • Not considered a high-end Taylor guitar

The Takamine Pro Series 3 P3MC OM is a high-quality, professional grade acoustic-electric guitar that features a CT4B II preamp system and volume control!

guitars for fingerstyling

Takamine hit the nail on the head with the Takamine Pro Series 3 P3MC OM guitar, a professional guitar, with a spectacular satin finish and high-quality sound. This guitar was designed for growing and advancing professionals who are interested in quality over cost. As this Takamine guitar costs approximately $1,200, we would not exactly call it a beginner guitar! This Pro Series Guitar allows you to play with ease and gives you volume control with an excellent preamp system and a built-in tuner.

In addition to what this guitar has to offer the musician, it is well-built with solid wood. The P3MC is a 6 stringed, right-handed guitar with a Venetian style cutaway, a solid Sapele back, rosewood fingerboard, mahogany neck, as well as X bracing and ivory binding. Its gold tuners also add to the guitar’s rich and warm aesthetic. It is not a lightweight or a small guitar as it weighs 14 pounds and measures 43 x 18 x 6.5 inches, and also requires a 9-volt battery. Customers enjoy jamming out on this Takamine guitar due to its high playability and the fact that it is a first-rate choice for a fingerstyle guitar with a warm, clear sound. If you are looking for a top-notch guitar with a preamp system and can afford a slightly higher price, definitely consider the Pro Series 3 P3MC!


  • Professional Guitar
  • Features CT4B II preamp system
  • Volume control
  • Built-in tuner
  • Wood "dot-in-dot" inlays
  • Solid construction
  • Aesthetic
  • Excellent playability
  • Utilizes state-of-the-art electronics
  • Warm, clear sound


  • Hefty price tag
  • Not a lightweight guitar

Specifically designed as a fingerstyle guitar, the Epiphone EF-500RCCCE Acoustic-Electronic Guitar, features a solid-wood body, a Shadow eSonic2 preamp, and yet, is incredibly lightweight.

6. Epiphone EF-500RCCE Acoustic/Electric

The Epiphone EF-5000RCCCE acoustic/electric guitar holds true to Epiphone’s reputation for producing top-of-the line guitars. Built with the intention of being able to use this guitar for fingerstyle, the EF-500RCCCE has slightly wider string spacing towards the bridge. This 6-string, right-handed, guitar features a solid rosewood body, a solid cedar top, a rosewood fretboard, and Shadow NanoFlex pickups that give this guitar not only its sleek look but also an amazing sound.

You’ll find nothing but quality with this guitar, as it has a bone nut and bone saddle, a large cutaway space for comfortability, and a well-completed thin finish that gives the EF-500RCCE an excellent shine and look. It also features a built-in tuner, but not does come with a hard or soft case. People love this guitar for its Shadow eSonic2 preamp, pickup systems, sound output, and playability. Additionally, it is a lightweight guitar, weighing only 4 pounds and measuring 19 x 42 x 5 inches. It’s sleek, it’s hip, and its preamp and pickups are well-loved by customers. Overall if you enjoy fingerpicking on your guitar, with lots of room for your fingers to move you’ll like the EF-500RCCE, which retails for approximately $799.


  • Amazing Shadow eSonic2 preamp
  • Built-in-tuner
  • Shadow NanoFlex pickups
  • Solid cedar top
  • Designed for fingerstyle
  • Lightweight (weighs 4 pounds)
  • Sleek design


  • Does not come with a case
  • Moderate cost

The Eastman AC422CE Grand Auditorium, Cutaway is a fingerstyle guitar that is great for vocal accompaniment, flatpicking, and stage performance.

7. Eastman AC422CE Grand Auditorium Cutaway

Eastman creates a magnificent instrument, the Eastman AC422CE Grand Auditorium Cutaway, appropriately named for its ability to entertain a crowd! This classy looking guitar features solid rosewood back and sides, a solid Sitka spruce top, inlaid abalone, ivoroid body binding, a mahogany neck, and hand-carved scalloped X bracing. The AC422CE provides competition to similar guitars from top brands such as Martin, Taylor, and Gibson without breaking your bank like other brands. If you are searching for an excellent recreational or semi-professional guitar, this Eastman guitar should hit your consideration list. It features a Venetian style cutaway, measures 16 x 4 ¼ inches, and has a natural gloss finish. A hard-shell case is included when ordered on 

Furthermore, customers have only great things to say about this guitar when it comes to the high-quality sound that this Eastman guitar produces. Customers report that it sounds excellent whether or not it is connected to an amp and can fill the room with sound. Guitarists enjoy this guitar for various purposes including and not limited to finger and flat picking, vocal accompaniment, or just for personal use. The AC422CR Grand Auditorium Cutaway has 20 nickel-silver frets, chrome plated tuners, D’Addario strings, pearl dot inlays, an Ebony fingerboard, and a Schertler Lydia pickup system. You will get more than your dollar’s value with this guitar, which retails at over $1,000. It is a costly instrument, however, for the price you pay, you will have an outstanding fingerstyle guitar, with an excellent sound, and is also easily playable and comfortable.


  • Great guitar for fingerstyle and flat-picking
  • Both a personal and small performance guitar
  • Excellent performance whether or not it is connected to an amp
  • Features a Schertler Lydia pickup system
  • Well-built
  • High-quality, rich sound
  • First-rate materials


  • Sounds better through an acoustic amp than a standard amp
  • Lacks controls for EQ, volume, and tone

The Martin 000-15M acoustic guitar, made in the USA, is a winner all around for its quality design, solid mahogany rosette body, back, and neck, and features a simple, vintage look.

8. Martin 000-15M

Sold by Chicago Music Exchange, from the world-known brand-name in guitars, Martin, comes the exquisite Martin 000-15M, a 6-stringed, right-handed guitar. The Martin 000-15M features a solid mahogany rosette body, back, and neck. Made in Nazareth, PA, USA, Martin creates guitars for musicians who want quality, locally produced instruments. The 000-15M weighs a hefty 20.4 pounds and measures 9.2 x 47.2 x 20.5 inches. Customers have reported that the sound is rich, warm, and smooth. They enjoy its playability, comfortability, and its modest, clean look. Some customers have noted that they replaced the strings which has also made it even easier to play.

This American-made guitar is a superior acoustic guitar made with all wood, original materials, and bone pins, that you are guaranteed to love if you can afford the Martin guitar tag since this Martin guitar costs approximately $1,400. In general, we find the Martin has done an excellent job with the 000-15M for the price. It is an ideal guitar for fingerstyling and for popping out some old American tunes and or blues music. You simply cannot beat Martin’s positive reputation for quality locally-made guitars with natural materials.


  • Produced locally in the USA from the brand name Marting
  • Solid mahogany rosette body, back, and neck
  • Warm, rich, smooth sound
  • Very comfortable to play
  • Carefully designed with details
  • No laminate used
  • Simple, authentic look and feel


  • You'll benefit from changing the strings
  • Weighs 20.4 pounds

The Washburn WD7S Harvest Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is an excellent low-cost beginner guitar which is great for learning at home and or stage performance.

9. Washburn WD7S Harvest Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

The Washburn WD7S Harvest Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is a great guitar for beginners, amateurs, and those looking for a good quality guitar with a low to moderate budget. This guitar features a solid Sitka spruce top and a mahogany back and sides. It can be completed and sold with either a glossy or matte finish, based on the preference of the customer. The WD7S weighs only 6.8 pounds and is sold at approximately $195 in competition with Fender’s Beginner Dreadnought Guitar.

It is a right-handed, 6-string guitar, measuring 18 x 46 x 7 inches, and a cutaway version is available for musicians interested in utilizing this guitar for live and or stage performance. Customers report repeated satisfaction with the WD7S primarily as a starter guitar and state that it has low buzz. The steel strings are spaced appropriately and the body of this Washburn guitar is slightly smaller than a regular full-size dreadnought guitar. It is well-designed and constructed, offers great sound, and is comfortable to play for all guitarists. If you are looking for bang for your buck, the Washburn WD7S is certainly a steal!


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to hold and play
  • Cutaway version available
  • Low buzz
  • Solid Sitka top
  • Glossy or matte finish available


  • Tuning heads are a little difficult to adjust


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