How to Hold a Guitar the Correct Way

If you’re just getting started playing the guitar, it’s important to focus on the most basic of all techniques: how to hold a guitar properly! 

Getting Started​

Either sitting or standing while playing the guitar will not impact your strategy or tone. It is certainly evident, yet recognizing ways to hold a guitar appropriately is the most crucial beginner action prior to you even thinking about dealing with your chords and also picking/strumming.

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For Electric or Acoustic

This article is about electric and also acoustic guitars, where the biggest concern is the dimension of the body (acoustic guitars have the tendency to be much thicker or wider), however the holding position stays the exact same for both kinds. If there’s one piece of advice I could give you, to bear in mind each and every single time you pick up the guitar … don’t hunch!​

​Several guitarists get right into the routine of stooping over their guitar. This truly disgusts the heck out of me. Hunching will certainly impact your position and could cause back problems later on in life.

holding a guitar

The Means​

​There are 3 different means to hold a guitar. Recognizing the best ways to hold the guitar correctly is most likely to provide you excellent posture and help you prevent any injuries or fatigue. It’s going to likewise ensure that your practice sessions go as well as possible.

​We are going to cover the informal approach, the timeless method, and also standing up with a strap. When utilizing a more relaxed method of holding the instrument as well as you’re right handed, simply establish the guitar on your ideal leg.

How About Using a Footstool?​

​Making use of a step or a stool brings the guitar closer to you just a bit. It can actually help place the guitar in a more comfy placement for having fun. They are about fifteen dollars at your regional music store and I really suggest obtaining one of these.

​Put your foot on it to boost the leg a bit. It brings the guitar up right into a little bit more of a solid setting when I’m going at it for extended periods of time. One error that I see newbie players make with the more relaxed method is that they will hunch or slouch over the guitar.

This is so they could see exactly how their fingers are handling the strings. You are going to desire to pull that guitar in and make certain it’s upright, ideal following to your body.

No Slouching, Please!​

​The next tip for the informal method is making sure you bring your playing arm in position to hold the guitar where it’s comfortable. That’s most likely to make sure there is no slouching, and it’s most likely to see to it that the guitar is in a good placement for practicing and playing.

What About Classical Guitarists?​

​The classical style guitar can be a bit awkward to get used to. Take the stool I mentioned earlier and move it to a comfortable position and rest your right foot on it for right handed players, and of course the opposite for lefties. Currently move the guitar over to hinge on your left leg.

​This is most likely to bring the guitar neck over to the left, as well as it’s additionally most likely to bring it up a bit much more. This puts it in a far better placement to obtain to all the notes. This technique can be a bit harder to use for longer periods of time unless you’re using a band to help hold the guitar up, however it does put the neck in a much better setting to get to all the notes.

guitar strap

Strap It!​

​The last technique for holding the guitar is standing with a strap. It’s best to practice in the very same method you’re going to be performing. If you’re going to be executing standing up, it’s most likely best to be practicing standing up too.

​Play around with each way for holding the guitar, as well as pick the one that works best for you. With any luck now you ought to recognize the best ways to hold a guitar correctly so you’re having fun won’t be pulled down by a couple of basic errors!

If you’re looking for a list of everything you need to learn, take a look at this checklist by Phil Johnson.​

You can now carry on to other guitar fundamentals such as thumbing chords and basic selecting, or four handed picking as in this funny YouTube Video:​


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