Finding a Child Size Guitar for Your Kid

He is so passionate about learning to play the guitar. But finding a child size guitar that will be both appealing and playable has been a daunting task for you. How then do you achieve this all-important goal, knowing full well that if he practice using the wrong guitar so many negative consequences could result?

​Being a beginner, I can tell your child is still struggling at holding the guitar. He can adopt the following tips; relaxing the thumb of the fretting hand behind the neck of the guitar and placing it in a good position between the first two fingers, while bending all the knuckles. Using the tip of the fingers to press down the strings, placing them as close as possible.

If you want to skip to the good stuff, check out this Guitar Buying Table.​

Best Guitar Type



Acoustic Guitar for Ages 4-6


Acoustic Guitar for Ages 6-9


Acoustic Guitar for Ages 9-12


Electric Guitar for Ages 9-12


Acoustic Guitar for Ages 12+


Electric Guitar for Ages 12+


Below are six actionable techniques on finding a child size guitar for your kid.

1. Know the scale length of the guitar you are about to buy.​

If you want to know the true size of a guitar, measure the “scale length” and not the overall length. The measurement from the “bridge” of the guitar down to the “nut” is the “scale length.” This will give you a fair idea of the kind of guitar you should get for your kid.​

The most reliable way to do a comparison between the guitars is to use the “scale length” and by so doing, you can avoid errors of judgement and precisely get what your child needs.

2. Measure the width of the neck at the nut.​

​The nut is at the joint where the headstock meets the fretboard. If you can accurately measure the width of the neck at the nut, it makes it easier to compare the widths of the fretboards for a wide range of guitars, and in that case, you can select which is appropriate for your child.

​When you measure the radius of the back of the neck, it will invariably give the radius of the neck; with this measurement in place, you can have an idea of the thickness. You would probably go for a small radius neck because of your child’s small hand and that will suit the purpose.

guitar chords for beginners acoustic

3. Choose the right guitar type.​

​Classical nylon string guitars are particularly good for young beginners. Guitar teachers believe it provides the necessary solid foundation for the development of great techniques. These types of guitars have wider fretboards with smaller bodies.

​If your son is so passionate about playing the electric guitar, it might be disheartening for him to receive a classical guitar for his 8th birthday. You can kill a child’s Interest when you get him the wrong guitar.

4. Consider the brand.​

​The brand of guitar will always play an important role in the selection process. Guitars of higher quality brands will cost more than other less known brands because of their durability. It is therefore important and as a rule, to ask the dealer for other options that can suit your purpose and within your budget range.

5. Go for inspected and adjusted guitars.​

​Your child will find it difficult to play an unadjusted guitar. If that happens, then he or she will lack the cognitive benefits of learning a musical instrument. It is important you pay attention to the playability of a guitar, hence the reason for inspection and adjustment.

For your child to be successful at this, the accuracy of the adjustment and its construction quality must be perfect. The brain receives the wrong information when a child learns how to play on an unadjusted guitar. This translates into poor agility and accuracy, giving rise to multiple consequences.​

5. Think about the color and design.​

To get the right child size guitar, you may want to consider the color and the design of the guitar. Needless to say that kids are attracted to colorful things and that alone, can boost their interest. You can get a beautiful guitar with amazing designs for a good price; a guitar in your child’s favorite color would be a plus.

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Additionally, you can go for a print or pattern design. Guitar designs with popular characters can also do the magic; they appeal to your child in a unique way.

With the right resources and mental approach, your child can be very good at what he does. It is all dependent on the actions you take now and maybe sometime in the future. So, wouldn’t it be nice to develop your child’s hidden talent even at a tender age?

6. Choose a child size guitar that's recommended by Coustii.​

These are our three favorite child size guitars. Our Coustii editors have recommended them to ​their own children and their students. We have created this list based on age and size. Of course, if your child is a bit bigger or smaller than their age group, you'll want to look at the scale length instead.

Best Acoustic Guitar for Ages 4-6​


If you've got a budding musician between the ages of 4 to 6, you'll want a 30 inch guitar. This will ensure they learn proper technique and skill. We recommend the Lauren LA30. This classic dreadnought guitar makes it easy for your little one to press down on the strings and has a manageable size.

We also like the price point of this guitar. When kids are between the ages of 4-6, you never know whether they will truly shine to an activity. At just under $50, you won't feel TOO disappointed if your kid loses interest.

Best Acoustic Guitar for Ages 6-9​


If your child is a little bit older, you can consider either an acoustic or electric guitar. At this age, I typically recommend an acoustic, because I believe it's best to understand the basics before throwing in the bells and whistles.

The Oscar Schmidt 1/2 dreadnought, comes in fun colors, like blue and red, but is also a quality guitar perfect for beginning guitarists. The rosewood fretboard and mahogany neck will help to give you the best tones and sounds. The nut width and neck size is smaller, making it ideal for children between the ages of 6 and 9 with little fingers.

Best Acoustic Guitar for Ages 9-12


For ages between 9 and 12, I typically recommend the Oscar Schmidt 3/4 size guitar. Available in right hand and left hand versions, and a variety of colors, gives you a number of options for your child.

This quality guitar comes with a high gloss finish makes it easy to wipe off dirty finger prints. The spruce wood top and catalpa sides give the instrument good resonance. Plus, this guitar comes with a lifetime warranty. If you're lucky enough to have a second child with an interest in guitar, you can pass the instrument down the family!

Best Electric Guitar for Ages 9-12


The Squier Mini by Fender is ideal for smaller hands with it's smaller sized body. It looks like a rock star's guitar, but the affordable price will keep parents happy. The Squier Mini has master volume, 3 single-coil pickups, and tone controls, which produces a bright tone that stays in tune.

This guitar not only has great tone, but is fun to play too. You will also need to purchase a guitar amplifier and I highly recommend headphones that plug into the amp. This will help save your sanity. Save some money by getting the entire bundle with amp, tuner, strap, and strings.

Best Acoustic Guitar for 12 & Up


If your child is 12 or older, you'll want to shop for a standard size guitar. You want a good quality guitar that can grow with them (in size and skill). The Yamaha FD01S is the perfect description. The solid spruce top gives you a sweet smooth sound, without sounding too thin.

I always prefer solid top guitars, because it gives the instrument better quality and more resonance. This makes a guitar that will accompany your child throughout the ages.

Best Electric Guitar for 12 & Up


When you're kid has their heart set on being a rock star, there's no use in dissuading them. You can support their dreams by investing in the Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V. This model has been very popular, and it's easy to see why.

The bright tone and easy playability makes for a great electric guitar for beginners. You're getting a steal when going with the PAC112V, because the hardware (three ply pickguard, single coil pickups, and classic metal dome knobs) on this instrument is such high quality, you usually wouldn't find it in this price range.

The PAC112V has a very bright and clear sound that even satisfies seasoned guitar players. This is a guitar that not only looks great, but sounds amazing. An investment that your child can grow with.

With this selection, you're bound to find the perfect child size guitar for your kid to learn and grow with. Envision how proud you'll be when your child performs their at their first guitar recital, then starts composing their own songs. You'll be a pleased parent standing in the wings!


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