Gifts for Guitarists That They Will ACTUALLY Want

Finding a difficult time getting a gift for the guitarist in your life? Maybe you’d like to get yourself a present, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. This is for our budget friendly readers, everything listed is under $200! Here is our top 10 list of gifts for guitarists:

1. Blackstar Fly3 Battery Powered Guitar Amp


This black box of magic completely evolves the concept of a micro amp. It looks similar to the size of a lunch box. This is great when you want to play a couple jams, but can’t justify firing up your 100-watt. Blackstar has led the competition with a number of effects and features.

Not only do you get great sound and tone from this tiny box, but Blackstar Fly3 comes with a built in delay. The four knobs on top control gain, volume, tone, and delay. The headphone output makes for a versatile amp that you can take to the office. For the low price of $59.99.

2. Diago Sprinter PB11 Ultra-Portable Pedalboard


The Diago Sprinter is great for guitarists on the go. This pedalboard is super lightweight and easy to transport for gigs and trips. This board can hold up to four standard sized pedals or six micro pedals. The six rubber pads on the bottom stabilize the board and the top surface is covered in looped pedal carpet material. Those pedals aren’t going anywhere! 

The outside is coated in a tough black coating, making it ideal for the the rough life on the road. A built in carrying handle and removable, adjustable strap make transporting easier. Plus, we like the extra flap pocket to keep cords and straps organized. The price point of $59.99 makes the Diago Sprinter a great entry into the world of pedal-boarding.

​3. Intellitouch PT10 Mini Clip-On Tuner

​This clip-on tuner with a digital clock makes it easy to take a glance while you’re playing and see if your guitar is in tune. The PT10C detects the pitch directly from the vibrations of your guitar. Some tuners will pick up the noise around you, for example a crowded room. With the PT10C you won’t need to worry where you are and what’s going on to be able to check the pitch.

The PT10C works on a variety of stringed instruments including: guitar, ukulele, bass, and other acoustic instruments. We like the easy to read LCD display and attachment that keeps a low profile attached to your headstock. This setup makes for a less obnoxious tuner. Stay in tune wherever you go with this low-key gadget for only $29.95.

4. Fretlocks​

Fretlocks are an easy gift that inspire creativity AND protect your fretboard. This bendy, stainless steel protector keep your fretboard like new. You can insert them on your strings while you are polishing or filling your frets. The two pack comes with a narrow and wide fretlock to fit your strings. 

You can also explore new tunes by playing with these blades on your strings. Check out the video below for a demo of how to play with fretlocks. For under $10, this is an easy gift, or stocking stuffer.

5. Guitar Toilet Flusher

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​It’s hard not to laugh when looking at this six string piece of bathroom hardware. Great for a gag gift, or for the musician who loves a little bathroom humor. This pewter guitar toilet handle will ensure a chuckle and provide an escape from the most mundane of restrooms for $38.99. Note: Toilet paper and reading material not included.

Dimensions 3.75 x 1.25 x 0.75​

6. Dunlop CBM95 Cry Baby Mini Wah


This mini Cry Baby is half the size , but packs the same punch as it’s big brother- the Dunlop Original Cry Baby. No spec is sacrificed. The mini includes a three-way switch where you can choose between low, vintage, and GCB85 voicings. We really like the vintage setting that gives a gradual transition from bass to treble, minus the harsh high-end.

The Mini Wah is great for travelling. When you have limited packing space and want less to carry, this is ideal. Your heel will move further back compared to a regular wah, so you may need to practice the movement and develop muscle memory. It also has the option to alternate between power supply or nine-volt battery. This Cry Baby Mini decreases the size and price at $98.99 without decreasing usability and functions. 

7. D’Addario Kill Switch Instrument Cable


This is hardly the most exciting gift, but will definitely be the most appreciated. D’Addario makes a number of high quality products, they didn’t waiver with this instrument cable. At under $50 for 20 feet of cable, you get an investment you won’t regret.

The cable has created a momentary “kill-switch” that let’s you unplug and switch guitars without the electric “popping” noise or lower stage volume.  The geo-tip design creates a sturdy connection to amps, guitars, and pedals. Plus, it has a lifetime guarantee. 

8. Gripmaster Pro Edition​


The Gripmaster is a great gift for guitarists, especially beginners looking to improve their dexterity. You can exercise and build strength in each individual finger and your entire hand. The Gripmaster is recommended not only for musicians, but for individuals looking to maintain strong hands. The Gripmaster fits in the palm of your hand and has an equally small price of under $15. 

9.IK Multimedia iRig 2


The iRig 2 is one of the most popular guitar interfaces. This gadget allows you to connect your guitar to apps on your phone and real-time monitoring. You can now integrate with apps like IK’s AmpliTube and Apple’s GarageBand. The iRig 2 allows for better sound quality and compatibility compared to the original iRig. 

The set up is extremely easy, the iRig 2 plugs into the mini jack input of a mobile device. ​You can even adjust the input gain to match your mobile device. This means that you can customize the sound depending on what instrument you’re using. For $39.95, the world is your oyster.

10. Round Classic Guitar Toilet Tattoo​


And you thought we were done with bathroom accessories, think again! We saved the best for last. Get this guitar toilet seat cover to enhance your commode at home for only $13.81. It pairs well with 5, Guitar Toilet Flusher. This combo will guarantee (hopefully) a joyful trip to the restroom. 

We hope you found the perfect gift for either the guitarist in your life, or for yourself! Hey, sometimes you have to treat yourself. Enjoy!


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