Seagull Maritime SWS SG Review

seagull maritime review

With a down-to-earth price, we are witnessing a great guitar that many of the intermediate to advanced guitar players are falling in love. Your new guitar will be a gift to you in that it will grow old along with you. It will yearn for your aging fingers on its neck. What you will see is your Seagull Martime SWS SG guitar getting wiser with the years to come. This Seagull Maritime review will give you what you need to know before you take the plunge to buy.

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Getting Wiser

Curious what all the acronyms are at the end of this guitar? SWS stands for “solid wood series.” The SG means the model has a semi-gloss finish.

I was curious what Seagull was trying to achieve with the model name “Maritime.” After a little research, I found that they used Maritime, also meaning bordering the sea, as a theme to signify a guitar that was more accessible to people at an affordable price point.

The Perfect Fit​

seagull martime sws sg

The Martime focuses it’s sound in the treble region, which can be a perfect fit for someone who is also a singer/player that may just decide he or she would rather want a guitar that cups their voice, so to speak. 

When feeling the urge to check out a fabulous guitar that you can get for well under a thousand dollars, look closely and hold lovingly in your arms the Seagull Maritime. For the discount price under $600, this guitar is a very solid pick for every intermediate to experienced guitar player.

Great for Fatter Fingers​

If you’re like me and like the kind of guitars that sound better as they mature, then this Maritime is got to be owned by you. Its full size is 24.84″ with a mahogany neck from Honduras that is a bit wider for fatter fingers than other acoustic pieces.​

That said, if you have larger fingers you are bound to be thrilled and fall in love. The design of this lovely Maritime will send a fluid, clean, and plenty for all to hear, yet wonderful and full of grand vibe through your fingers and into those hearing you! If you are thinking it might be for you, by all means give a little time for testing out a Maritime and you will move on with what is next in your head.​

No Regrets​

You won’t regret the day you buy the Seagull Maritime. For newer guitar players who can afford this piece, take the plunge and avoid considering another guitar in the next several years.​

The fretboard and bridge are beautiful with Spruce and Redwood complimenting one another. You can read about different tonewoods and what they mean for your guitar here. All over the guitar you see a finish that is bright and glossy, and this is a look that makes your eyes fill with tears as seen in this brief YouTube video:​

There are many reasons and specifications of the Seagull that makes shoppers want to cradle it. I’ll add that a Piezo pickup system for acoustics enhances the Seagull where it rests at the saddle. The Seagull on a good day can be had for around 695 bucks.

The Fine Craftsmanship

While considering the great standards and craftsmanship in all of the company’s products, and with the reputation Godin has earned, the out pour of cash to buy this piece of work is surely an investment that will not crash. As a mid-level guitar, the Seagull Maritime SWS SG guitar is a great buy that is very well worth the expenditure.

This guy has sound that can be a perfect fit for someone who is a rocker, as well as classical or a country player. Basically, though, it has a fingerboard of rosewood with a delicate touch and feel, allowing wide fingers to go to work. This guitar is a beauty!

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