Blueridge BR-160 Review

Blueridge br-160

If you’re trying to decide whether to purchase the Blueridge BR-160 dreadnought guitar, or if you’re looking for a quality acoustic guitar that allows you to get the best bang for your buck, you’ve come to the right place.

This guitar rivals top end guitars like Martin and Fender, because of the craftsmanship, quality, sound, and playability. What’s also shocking is that this guitar is under $1000. It’s rare to find an acoustic guitar in this price range that is also made of a solid back and sides.

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What about the wood?

The top wood of the guitar is Sitka spruce. You can easily identify the spruce wood by it’s pale color. It’s a common wood used in quality guitar tops, because of the sweet, smooth sound. The Sitka spruce wood also gives you clear harmonics

The back, sides, and fingerboard of the BR-160 are made of solid East Indian rosewood. Rosewood is known to be one of the most expensive materials for tonewood, because of it’s smooth and warm tones. This helps to create harmonic overtones.

The bridge is also made with rosewood, giving density to your sound. This helps transfer the sound from your strings to your soundboard.

The BR-160 is the popular dreadnought style with a traditional herringbone rosette that makes it a historical looking instrument. Dreadnought guitars are known for their sound quality and projection. They are commonly used by bluegrass players, but are well used by all styles of musician.

blueridge-160 guitar review

The neck of the Blueridge BR-160 is made of mahogany. This dense, dark wood gives you warmer and darker tones compared to lets say a cedar or spruce tonewood. This wood is ideal for every music style.

What else should I know?​

The dreadnought guitar is finished with a high gloss. This allows the notes to come through more crisply, and emphasize the bass notes. The high gloss gives you a great performance look when you’re on stage and gives you projection while you’re playing.

The bridge saddle and nut of the Blueridge BR-160 is made from bone. This helps create great sustain and transfer energy efficiently.

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This video from Acoustic Guitar Magazine is a little old, you can still get a sense of the magnificence of the Blueridge BR-160.

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