Luna Ukulele Review: Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele


Since the very beginnings of Luna Guitars, their concept has been to incorporate physical art with audio art – or essentially – making their instrument not only lovely to play, but easy on the eye too. Their Mahogany Series Tattoo Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele is a prime example of the instruments Luna has to offer, with its mellow sounds and traditional Hawaiian themed décor, this ukulele is a gorgeous showcase instrument that would look great in the hands of any player.

First Impressions​

Weighing in at only 2lbs, this lightweight acoustic-electric ukulele is incredibly fun to play and feels great to hold. Perhaps the traditional Hawaiian body tattoo design laser printed into the body makes it seem more 'fun'​ than it actually is, but either way, it certainly looks fantastic.

The design is based on Honu, a Hawaiian turtle – a symbol of endurance and longevity – which is incredibly apt for the solid full body mahogany construction of this great little uke, as it certainly gives the impression that it has been designed to last.

Coming with a 2 band equalizer as standard, this little beaut’s preamp is powered by a 1.9v 'wafer'​type battery, which may or may not come included. These batteries aren’t too difficult to get hold of anyway, and tend to be relatively cheap too.

The preamp’s settings allow for users to tweak their bass, treble and volume, meaning that almost anyone can find their suited settings for their style of play.​

Although when played acoustically, this ukulele sounds awesome, it takes itself to another level once plugged in! Utilizing a standard quarter inch jack, this beast is ready to plug in and play with any amplifier, and once plugged in, sounds as sweet as anything.​

Despite being in the lower end class of ukuleles, the Luna Mahogany Series Tattoo Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele certainly holds no bars when presenting itself to the outside world – this really is a contender for the 'best sounding and looking ukulele for it's price' award!​


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Simply put, this ukulele does exactly what is was set out to do – provide good playability and a decent sound at an affordable price. And it does it well, but as far as versatility goes, this is where this instrument excels.​

Providing an ample platform for newcomers to the ukulele scene, whether picking up instrument for the very first time or making the transition from guitar player, this fine effort from Luna is as good as a 'one size fits all' ​ukulele can get. As this could be picked up by just about anyone and made to sound great, its versatility scale is through the roof.

Not only does the Luna Mahogany Series Tattoo Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele sound fantastic both acoustically and plugged in, but it looks amazing too! The finely laser printed Hawaiian tattoo design conjures mellow images of happily strumming away on a tropical beach, and is finished off nicely by the addition of mother of pearl shark teeth motives on the rosewood fretboard.

Value for the Money​

Available at an incredibly affordable $100, depending on the supplier, this ukulele suits almost all budgets. While other models by other manufacturers may be available more cheaply, why skimp on price when a few extra bucks can bag you this beauty?​

For the price, Luna have produced a very well balanced, sweet and mellow sounding ukulele that sounds awesome whether plugged in or not, and looks absolutely superb. Even as just a showpiece this would look great hung up on anybody’s wall!



  • Sounds great – The 2 band preamp allows for fine tuning your sound when plugged in, and sounds lovely and mellow when played acoustically.
  • Looks fantastic – We can’t stress enough how awesome the Hawaiian tattoo themed design looks on this uke!
  • Well built – the mahogany construction means this ukulele could last a lifetime if well maintained.
  • Value for money – At this price, everyone should own this versatile instrument.


  • Preamp – Although it sounds great when plugged in, it would be nice to have a few extra settings to fiddle with. Perhaps we’re just being too picky now?

Some might say Luna have gone a little bit mad for releasing their Mahogany Series Tattoo Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele at around only $100, but that’s a good thing, as it makes for a quality entry-to-mid level instrument affordable to all. Sounds great, looks great, what more could you want?


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