Epiphone Les Paul Classic Review


It’s a self-tuning guitar, but also affordable too. It is called Les Paul Classic-T from the stables of Epiphone and it features the fast, easy and highly reliable Min-ETune™ system, with great harmony at the flick of the finger. It is a known fact that Epiphone is a pacesetter, and now with the Classic-T, expect the most unique of sounds with high quality. This Epiphone Les Paul Classic review will give you all the details you need before making your purchase.

Review Feature​

It has a scale of 24.75″, having a neck of 22 frets that feature a hallmark trapezoid inlays. You can be rest assured of a high quality fretboard, being rosewood that tends to bring out the inlay in an attractive manner.

The following features will make you fall in love with the Classic-T’s capabilities.


​When it comes to Epiphone Les Paul Classic, you would naturally find two camps—the thick necks and modern C-shaped necks camp. You can easily compare the Epiphone Les Paul’s neck to a modern Strat or Tele than a 50s Les Paul. It has a neck that is slightly beefier than the Gibson Les Pauls (60s-neck).

You will be more comfortable playing the Epihpone than the Gibson necks if you are a modern Fender fan, and if the Ibanez electric is your kind of thing, or the modern ESP/LTDs–the Epiphone Les Paul Classic is not too different from them.


Sound Quality​

​For people like me, it is characteristic to play hard, late 60s rock with a blue edge, hence the requirement of plenty chord in the mix; this guitar will always hold its own when you play it. With the Line6 Spider IV amplifier, it generates great sounds that I love so much.

You can have volume and tone amplified on this guitar to make the overall sound more whole, thereby helping the strings to resonate. In my opinion, the output of the sound is great for everyone’s listening pleasure.


​Epiphone Les Paul Classic-T is a neatly finish guitar, with fantastically close pickups; I can affirm that a professional job at its best was in place. The intonation is great, with a properly set bridge to a nice low height, which optimizes it for better playability, particularly with fast phrases and high fretted sequences—including award chord shapes, needing lots of fingers stretching.


​With a good, sturdy strap, you can play gigs without any kind of damage being experienced. The strap locks on the guitar hold perfectly well. You have nothing to worry about because they will not come loose.There is no need relying on a backup guitar if playing a gig; this is because of its high reliability.

If you’d like to hear the Epiphone Les Paul Classic-T plugged in, listen to ​GAK Vision’s video. You can hear this electric guitar in action!

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