Cordoba Ukulele Review: 20TM-CE Tenor


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Staying in line with Cordoba’s tendency to produce ukuleles that capture the charm of traditionally embellished Portuguese instruments, the 20TM-CE Electric Tenor ukulele presents itself as a fine uke indeed. Not only is it lightweight and stage ready, but suitable for players of all levels, and not only that, but this finely crafted and versatile instrument looks and sounds amazing too.

First Impressions

It is easy to see why the 20TM-CE is one of Cordoba’s best-selling instruments – this ukulele just oozes class, and feels absolutely great to handle. Before playing even a single note, the 20TM-CE conveys itself as an instrument that is easy to play, just by handling it.​

The solid mahogany top and mahogany sides are finished beautifully, and the top quality rosewood fingerboard and bridge finish off the look of this uke magnificently. Upon first handling, it’s obvious this instrument was built to last.​

After a light strum of this uke, the traditional craftsmanship incorporated into all of Cordoba’s instruments really comes to light. Although having been produced using high quality mahogany, the lightweight feel of the 20TM-CE makes it an outstanding ukulele to play. For a tenor sized uke, it’s not too bulky, yet not too small – rather, somewhere between impeccable and perfect.​

Due to its size, and the cut-away design, the playability of this instrument is second to none. Even with sustained, heavy play, the strings hold place and stay in tune – this is an instrument that can take some abuse.​

Being an electro-acoustic hybrid, the Cordoba 20TM-CE boasts a 2 band equalizer, allowing users to control the treble, bass, and of course, the volume. The instrument’s control board is easily accessible, enabling users to fiddle about to find their desired settings with relative ease.​

Once plugged in, this uke really begins to shine. The sound produced by it is absolutely beautiful –and that’s before changing any settings on the 2 band equalizer. The 20TM-CE handles all styles of play exceptionally well, and when amplified, it still retains a lovely mellow, yet full sound. After experimenting for a short while with the treble and bass, it is easy to attain a richer sound, should that be the desired effect.​

Despite being a mid-range instrument, Cordoba have made the 20TM-CE available at a reasonable price – between $199-250, depending on where you buy it from – making it a high quality, affordable uke for all.


Even though the 20TM-CE is marketed as a mid-range instrument, the sheer versatility of this uke makes it easy for just about anybody to pick up and play. Whether seeking to expand their musical horizons, or a grizzled ukulele pro, the sheer playability is what makes the 20TM-CE stand out from the crowd for anyone looking to purchase a ukulele.​

Although perhaps a little pricier than other available models, the obvious quality of this instrument makes it more than ideal for an enthusiastic beginner; whilst also making it a great value for money addition to the seasoned ukulele player’s repertoire.​

The electro-acoustic nature of the 20TM-CE means it is stage-ready, able to perform well in front of a high capacity audience, while also being perfectly suitable for bedroom practice, too. Can’t really ask for more than that!


Aesthetically Pleasing​

Why buy a plain looking ukulele, when you can get hold of one that not only sounds and plays wonderfully, but looks great too? As with all of Cordoba’s instruments, the 20TM-CE incorporates a beautiful, traditional Portuguese charm into the design. Just looking at the uke can invoke images of idly strumming away on a sunny day.​

The traditional wood pattern rosette paired with a satin finish make this ukulele a stunningly beautiful instrument, making it not only a fantastic instrument, but a striking show piece too.

Value for the Money​

Being in Cordoba’s mid-range 20 series, it could easily be assumed that they might have skimped on quality compared to their higher end instruments. The Cordoba 20TM-CE shows no mercy when conveying its worth. The solid mahogany body, the luxurious rosewood fret board, the beautiful satin finish; they all come together as one to shine and demonstrate that top notch quality doesn’t have to come with a high-end price tag.

Not only does this uke exude magnificent craftsmanship looks-wise, but the sound quality is comparable to an instrument of double its price.The solid mahogany top enables the 20TM-CE’s sound to vibrate and resonate more so than ukuleles with lesser quality laminate tops, creating a flawless sound with every pluck and strum.


  • Fantastic value – Even though this instrument is found in Cordoba's mid-range class of ukuleles, it cannot be stressed enough that the 20TM-CE is a great value for the money. You would be hard pressed to find a similar quality uke at as good a price as this.
  • Quality – As mahogany has been used to produce the bulk of this ukulele, the quality it exudes is tremendous. The finishing touches Cordoba has added make it clear this is a great instrument to own.
  • Impeccable sound – For a mid-range instrument, the 20TM-CE creates a beautiful, well balanced sound and tone that resonates wonderfully. The ability to tweak with the settings add to the versatility of sounds.
  • Playability – Almost anyone would be suited for this ukulele. Depending on your sound preference, the Cordoba 20TM-CE is great for beginners to intermediate players.
  • Aesthetics – This bad boy will look great in your hands as well as on the wall to show off your skills.


  • Price – Despite being an all-round, great value instrument, the cost may put some people off from buying it. However, the price tag doesn't seem to do this uke justice.

Even though people tend to associate mid-range with pricey, the 20TM-CE serves to prove that anyone can own a beautiful, well crafted, highly playable ukulele without breaking the bank.

Cordoba has produced a high quality, versatile instrument with this model, allowing players of all abilities to pick up an outstanding uke at an affordable price, and create some stunning sounds right off the bat. The 2 band equalizer enables anyone to tweak their sound until it is perfect for them, and the volume control means practicing without complaints is a breeze.

All in all, the Corboda 20TM-CE Electric Tenor Ukulele is a great all-rounder available at a great price.

Want to hear what the Cordoba 20TM-CE Tenor sounds like? Check out Steve Rose playing Appalachian Flower in this YouTube video.


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