Ibanez Artcore AF75 Review

ibanez af75 review

Guitars make our lives more enjoyable, and we love them as well. A great guitar can make you money, as you will be able to play some gigs down the road. We are going to talk a little bit about the Ibanez AF75 and the things this git can do for you.

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Affordable Price​

The Ibanez AF75 is sold at an affordable price, which is difficult in today’s day and age. The Ibanez AF75 features an expensive tone thanks to its mahogany neck and maple body. This amazing guitar also uses an ultra-smooth fretboard and amazing humbuckers.​

This can be the most versatile guitar that you will use in your life. The Ibanez AF75 is easy to enjoy. You don’t have to spend $1500 to buy an expensive guitar, as the Ibanez AF75 is just what the doctor ordered. It has an amazing sound, and the package comes well protected.

With excellent sound and high-quality materials, the Ibanez AF75 is here to stay. But, you should not take my words for granted. Read on to find out even more about this amazing item that is taking the music industry by storm as well.​

ibanez af75

No Feedback Issues​

The Ibanez AF75 will not deliver any kind of feedback issues when you have to amply. The guitar also keeps its tuning at all times.​

The Ibanez AF75 will provide tight resonance thanks to its all-ample hollow body, and you will not get any kind of feedback. If you love hearing a muted jazz tone, the Ibanez AF75 is for you. The Ibanez AF75 is also a flexible guitar that you can use for a wide array of music including punk and rock.

Pearl Block Inlay

The Ibanez AF75 also features pearl block inlay and bound rosewood fretboard, meaning that the guitar will be a delight to your digits at all times. This guitar will produce quiet signals with pronounced mids. You will manage to get a better score, as this guitar will allow you to listen to yourself acoustically right away.

You will be able to play many gigs with this outstanding arch top. The Ibanez AF75 also has the excellent sound quality that you love, and this thing is also very easy to play. Though the device is redder than in the picture, you will get a gorgeous item right away.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

The Ibanez AF75 features excellent playability, top-tier craftsmanship, and outstanding tone. You can even adjust the intonation getting it close to perfect right away. You can even fine tune the guitar’s intonation by using the floating bridge.

You may hear a mechanical vibration upon playing the G string just around the 12th fret, but this isn’t a big deal down the road. Though the Ibanez AF75 isn’t quite as good playing the famous slide, it still does a great job overall. When we say that the Ibanez AF75 is beautiful, we mean it.


  • The Ibanez AF75 is a fantastic instrument for hobbyists and intermediate/advanced guitar players.
  • Ibanez offers an excellent customer service, which makes this guitar even better over time.
  • The Ibanez AF75 will work fine with almost all types of music out there.
  • The Ibanez AF75 is very well made overall.
  • This guitar has a decent performance when you consider its price.
  • The Ibanez AF75 is a very accurate and smooth guitar.


  • More instructions on the guitar’s bridge placement may be needed.
  • You may want a stronger output.

As you can see, the Ibanez AF75 is the amazing guitar that you have been looking for. Though the Ibanez AF75 is sold at a low price compared to its competitors, you’ll get your bang for your buck. You will love this versatile, yet gorgeous, guitar from the very moment that you see it.

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Want to hear the best of the Ibanez AF75 in 60 seconds? Listen to Haworth Guitar’s YouTube video.

Getting a high-quality guitar with excellent customer service is possible. The Ibanez AF75 can give you just that, and you will love it too. The Ibanez AF75 will not have any kind of feedback, and you will keep this thing tuning at all times as well.

Getting better scores and quiet signals is easy with the Ibanez AF75 as well. Loving this guitar is easy because it has everything you need.

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