Coustii EXCLUSIVE Interview with the Creators of MotionElements


Do you have great music that you want to share with the world, but aren’t quite sure how to get it out there? The Asian based company, MotionElements, can help. We were able to interview a few folks at MotionElements (ME) to get an inside look at what makes their company tick. ME gives you the opportunity to not only connect with other musicians, but brand your music and make some extra money!

Coustii (C): What is ME?

ME: MotionElements is Asia’s go-to site for royalty-free worldwide microstock content, and allows video and audio professionals to connect, create and earn.

The online marketplace offers over 1 million motion assets including stock videos, music, 3D models, Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion templates. With more than 3,800 registered contributors from around the world, MotionElements’ collection of stock media doubles each year.

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C: How is ME connecting musicians around the world?

ME: The marketplace allows for musicians around the world to sell their music, sometimes to major advertisers and video productions, and reap the fruits of their hard work. It lets their work reach an international audience in a safe, transparent platform.

The site was made for creative professionals in mind, so we are constantly adding features and functions to the site to help them improve their everyday workflow.

We also have a large Asian audience, allowing artists who are not familiar with that part of the world, but are keen on entering it have a glimpse into what the Asian audiences and buyers are searching for right now.

C: How can ME help brand your music?

ME: The site also acts as a portfolio for any potential international clients they might have. They are able to fill their profile up, add their work and send their profile link as their business card. They can use features like the Favourite boxes and collections to share their work among peers and clients.

Evidently, we also put a lot of emphasis on being an international, multilingual, platform. This allows your work to reach different audiences in the East and West in one go, which might have previously been a huge hurdle to do for many artists. Our site is adapted to the various markets we go into, ensuring that your work reaches a potential buyer, even though they speak a different language.

Features like AudioSearch further breaks down language barriers by allowing your potential buyers to search for music in our library using another piece of music. Let’s say an advertiser in Korea heard this really cool piece of ukulele music, but to license it for their ad would be too expensive and time-consuming. So, they go to, drag-and-drop that piece of music into our search bar, and we find a similar piece of music within our library, for him to purchase. And, hey, that piece of music might be yours!

C: What super cool effects does ME offer to help stylize your music videos?

ME: This is a really good question as there are quite a few different types of content that can help enhance any music video. Apart from just getting cool footage from around the world, like aerial shots of a location halfway across the world, for a fraction of the price of getting it traditionally, there are other stuff like special effects, animations, green screen video, stylized templates for you to choose from.

If you’re interested in finding new ways to share your music, connect with other musicians, and make some money from your musical efforts, you can begin uploading your work right away. All you need is an e-mail address and a name to begin selling your music on MotionElements.


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