Further Reading

For further reading and sources, please take a look at the following Coustii approved sites:

Astlessons – Lessons designed for accuracy, simplicity, and thoroughness in instrumental lessons. Free tutorials for guitar, ukulele and piano. Plus, they have a great YouTube channel!  

Musical Scales – Features a professional, well-designed, and downloadable piano music scale book of major, minor, blues scales and more.
Michael Furstner’s JazClass
Cadenza – resources for classical and contemporary musicians

Music Teachers 

Celtic Guitar Music – Celtic fingerstyle guitar and harmonica books by Glenn Weiser

Music Folk Play Hymns

Uke Leash – The ukulele half strap, multi-position support device.

Ukulele Japan

HarpKit – For music makers who want to enjoy the craft of building their own instruments

Just Audio – To protect and repair your audio equipment

Banjo Teacher – A great resource for those looking to pick up the banjo!

In Charge Country – The latest in country music and entertainment.

​Cultural Association Museu Cavaquinho Portugal – An association documenting, preserving and promoting the history of the Cavaquinho, Portugal.

Banjolin – A resource of instrument information, playing advice, traditional tunes and much more for players of the mandolin, mandola, mandolin banjo and banjolin.


Irish Tunebooks – Resources for learners of the Irish traditional music.

Ukulele Club Liverpool – An award winning ukulele club based in Liverpool, UK.

Uke Group – A ukulele group based in New York City. The site includes a ukulele karaoke book with over 100 songs.

New York Ukulele School – A great school in New York for ukulele lessons.

LearnMusic.guide News – A great resource for learning music online.​

HappyNote.com​ – A fun and educational alternative for learning music theory.

mFiles​ – Download classical, original, ragtime, traditional, and church music, available in MIDI and MP3 formats, as well sheet music.

YourMusicMentor – ​A quality service that provides music education in personalized study plans.

Don’t Fret Productions – A unique easy on – easy off, color coded non-adhesive guitar note location system that clings to your fretboard.

MinasMusic – Minas’ Music creates evocative and original music with a Brazilian guitar and jazz piano.

Musicians Gallery – A website that has, for more than two decades, been portraying the profiles of musicians of all genres, and related services, worldwide.

Dr. K Music – Dr. Michael Kearns is a Toronto based professor who teaches jazz, low brass, and popular music.​

​At Rock Life Music Academy offers a revolutionary approach to learning guitar & drums! If you are looking for the best rock guitar & drum lessons in Arvada, Colorado then Rock Life is the place for you! With a focus on community and top level instruction, we are dedicated to helping you reach your goals!

Daniel and the Harmonica – The official site for the children’s picture book Daniel and the Harmonica. It’s the story of a boy getting a very special gift for his birthday!

Rock and Roll Icons – Patrick Harbron’s collection includes photography of Rock and Roll legends at a pivotal moments in their careers. 

Natasha James – An artist known for rockin roots music, Americana Country, Blues rock, live concerts and shows in the San Francisco Bay area.

TAXIs Music Biz FAQs contain songwriting tips music-business information, and articles on Film & TV Music placement.

Bob Evans Music – Guitarist and Singer Songwriter – Please visit my website for FREE MP3 music and album CDs and Downloads for purchase.

SFloman – Scott Floman’s extensive music reviews, focusing specifically on Rock and Soul albums. 

Mick’s Virtual Whistle – If your musical interests take you to whistles, Mick has an extensive site focused on traditional Celtic tunes played by a variety of whistles.