How to Play I Will Wait on the Ukulele

i will wait ukulele

Do you want to learn to play I Will Wait, by Mumford and Sons? You’ve come to the right place! I Will Wait was on the album Babel, which won Album of the Year at the 2013 Grammy Awards. They just so happened to also perform I Will Wait at the same Grammys!

The song was about Marcus Mumford’s challenges of being in a relationship while on tour. The band maintained a very busy tour schedule that year. 

“We write on the road in these hectic places with lots of people around and I suppose we’ve always put in ideas that we pick up from conversations with people, and things that we read and things that we listen to and feel.” – Mumford to MTV News 

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The original of this song has a Bluegrass sound with horns, banjos, drums and a fiddle, but today we are going to learn how to play I Will Wait on the ukulele! You need to know these chords: Am, G, C, F, Em.

ukulele a minorukulele g chordukulele c chordukulele f chordukulele e minor chord



Am G C F C G x2

Verse 1

            C                   F

I came home, like a stone


And I fell heavy into your arms

                        C                           F

These days of dust, which we’ve known

                C                              G

Will blow away with this new sun


       Am G     C        F      C   G

And I’ll kneel down, wait for now

       Am G     C        F      C   G

And I’ll kneel down, know my ground


C                                     Em G

I will wait, I will wait for you

      C                                      Em G

And I will wait, I will wait for you

Verse 2

                      C               F

So break my step, and relent

       C                                G

You forgave and I won’t forget

                              C                               F

Know what we’ve seen, and him with less

                       C                          G

Now in some way, shake the excess

Chorus x2


                   C                        F

Now I’ll be bold, as well as strong

              C                             G

Use my head alongside my heart

                   C                          F

So take my flesh, and fix my eyes

                   C                        G

That tethered mind free from the lies



C Cmaj7 Am F C G x2

C       Cmaj7 Am       F            C        G

Raise my          hands, paint my spirit gold

        C    Cmaj7 Am    F            C        G

And bow my        head, keep my heart slow

Chorus x2 

If you’d like to hear a version of I Will Wait on the ukulele, watch The Ukulele Teacher’s YouTube video:


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