Guitar Reviews

Music makes life easy. It creates in you a passion to be more creative and expressive. Music is not only entertaining to listen to, but when you take the effort to learn an instrument, you are choosing a medium through which you can put more of yourself into this world. And guitars happen to be one such popular musical instrument. Whether you're looking for a good beginner guitar, or an axe to provide you with a show stopping performance, we've got it here.

​Guitars are loved by people all over the world. Every strum of a guitar exudes life and happiness. It is not only a hearty object, but the use of guitar itself has been hugely instrumental in the field of music. Guitar is that one object that can support an entire musical performance by its lone presence. Musical geniuses like Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton have carried out overwhelming performances with just a guitar and nothing else. Such is the power of this instrument; it is a one-man show.

So if you are planning to learn, maneuver and master this majestic musical blessing, you have indeed come to the right place. For a beginner it is really important to know the guitar and its functions in and out to be able to choose the right one. Handing out the knowledge that can guide an early musician to the right instrument is something that is priceless to our team of experts here at Coustii.

Choosing a good beginner guitar not only depends on the kind of music you want to play, but also depends on your natural inclination towards music, your compatibility with the instrument, and a myriad of other factors. For example, a person who is willing to learn jazz will choose a guitar that is far away from the choice of someone who is willing to learn metal.

When it comes to compatibility, one must pay attention to how the guitar feels when being used. Is the size of the guitar bigger in comparison to the size of the body? Do the frets feel sharp as the fingers move up and down along the neck of the guitar? Answering these questions and more is what will reveal the perfect guitar to the beginner.​

A guitar can be as personalized an instrument as one makes it and often beginners don’t know a lot of the little details about guitars to help them make that personalized decision and this is where we come in. Our ranges of reviews on various guitars offer the best advice any beginner could ask for. Whether you already have a guitar in mind or are still trying to find the right one, you will find every bit of information you need here.

Here, we have personally examined and experienced every instrument before writing a detailed review on it. Right from how the guitar feels like when you hold it to the smoothness of its strings and the sound of its strum, we have covered it all. Not only this, every guitar review includes a video which allows you to listen to what the guitar sounds like sitting right from your home or office.​

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