Easy Guitar Songs

The key to improving on the guitar is to know that sometimes we must push our limits to increase them. Learning simple songs that don't require new skills or improvement of the old ones only reinforces the basic skills, nothing more.

By learning songs that are maybe a little out of our skill range, makes us better to play them. This improvement opens up more songs to play and more difficult tiers to tackle. This is the key to growth; push the boundaries in order to grow. Easy guitar songs are a good place to start if you're a beginner. 

Start out by listening to the song you're about to learn. We've got video tutorials for each song, so you know what it should sound like. Next, get the chords down. Make sure you and easily navigate your fingers to each chord before you start to learn. Trust me you'll only get frustrated!

Next, practice your strumming patterns with the chords. Eventually, you'll be able to piece the song together and maybe even sing along!

Choose one of the following easy guitar songs to tackle. You'll be strumming, singing, and rocking out in no time!​

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